Bank Holiday Ahoy!

The first of two long weekends is looming, and I confess, I cannot wait. I have not got any plans so far, but just enjoy the fact that I can enjoy my Sunday evening, without that usual dread of Monday morning.

I am taking some steps to hopefully remedy this.

I applied for a job the other day, and have an interview shortly. I am not going to get too hopeful, but it would be quite cool if I got this new job.

In other news, Michael is continuing to twitter occasionally. When I started to ‘following’ @michaelsheen, he only had less than 50 followers and was still battling to remove the fake Michael. He succeeded in doing that, and now has over 4000. Great news that this is, it also sadly means that the chances of getting a response like in the early days are probably over. Oh well – I will occasionally look with fondness on the screen cap of the small virtual exchange we shared.

The site has had a few updates. We now sport a small forum. There is only a small group of active posters at the moment, but it is early days yet. If any Michael Sheen fans stumble across this post, then please do feel free to join us.

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