May the Shinest Sheen win!

And I think… he has!

For those wondering what on earth I am wittering on about, there has been an epic battle on Twitter between a Fake Michael Sheen and a Real Michael Sheen.

The faker made the mistake of obsessing a little too much about New Moon (the Twilight sequel that Michael will shortly be filming) and this was picked up by the many Twilight blogs out there. News of the twitter account obviously got back to Michael, so our man joined Twitter and graciously offered the Faker a chance to back off, but the stupid idiot thought this was just another faker and decided to have a pissing contest.

For us mere mortals it was amusing, the highlights were when the Real Michael posted that he was going to watch the ”making of” docco on the Frost/Nixon dvd, which prompted the Fake Michael to tweet that the ‘obsessed fan had just bought a dvd of his work’.

Calls on both sides for the other to ‘fess up were trumped when the Real Michael, who had mentioned he was at the Groundlings Event being held in LA, posted a picture of himself AT the event.

To the Real Michael…. well played sir…. the fucker will rue the day he ever tried to tussle with you!

To the Fake Michael (and the other fakers) … EPIC FAIL !!!!!!!!!!

Details of the Real Michael Sheen twitter account can be found on the website

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