Today I received a good email. Hidden away among the rest of the flotsam and jetsam that is my infrequently visited inbox, was an email from the AAT. It seems that I have passed my final exam, and am now eligible to apply for full membership therefore allowing the letters MAAT after my name.

For those unfamiliar with the AAT, it is a finance qualification, somewhere between an A level and a degree.

I will not be applying for membership as I feel the use of letters after ones name these days is considered slightly pretentious. I will however be updating my CV. Although I am reasonably happy with my job, I am not too happy with the environment I work in.

I went out this weekend with my husband and a friend to a little event in town called ‘The Ghoul Garden’. This is a monthly Goth night held at a city centre venue, The Maze, and they play old school Goth and Punk that reminded me and my friend of halcyon days. Everyone was very friendly, and even though I did not recognise large swathes of the playlist, there were very few that I did not enjoy.

Now there is no fear of having to go back to night school, I have decided that once I have finished my Lucian fanfic, I intend to fulfil a long time wish of starting a website.

I have always enjoyed tinkering and learning new skills, particularly IT related, but have always held off as I had no clue as to what content would fill my corner of the web. With my renewed interest in Michael Sheen, and the discovery that there is only one badly laid out, infrequently updated site dedicated to such a fine actor, I have decided to do a Michael Sheen fansite and rectify the situation.

I have some lovely friends who are far more tech savvy than me, and will harrass them mercilessy when ever I hit a bump in the road – of which no doubt there will be many in my first foray.

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One Response to “Success!”

  1. dreamcatcher says:

    Congrats on passing the exam!!

    Give me a shout if you need any website help!

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