Since my retro crush on Michael Sheen has been reactivated after my first (hopefully of many) viewings of Rise of the Lycans, I have decided to splash out on a few DVDs of his work outside the Underworld franchise.

Last month, I managed to pick up Laws of Attraction, which is a sweet and funny story and Michael looks great as the rock ‘n’ roller Thorne Jamison.

Second purchase was Ancient Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire which I have not watched yet, although I have seen a few clips on You Tube which is what prompted me to buy it. I remember this being on TV, but missed the first few episodes and thought there was little point watching the rest. Just need to find the time to watch it now.

Third DVD was Dirty Filthy Love. Michael plays the lead in this emotional drama about a man with OCD and Tourette’s. Poor bastard.

Final purchase was Heartlands which is about a man who goes on a journey to talk to his lover who has ran off with another man. The film is more about the journey and the odd characters he meets along the way. I am very much looking forward to seeing this, as I love odd quirky films.

I just love films if I am honest. I love to read, and I love to listen to great music – but my real passion is movies. I would watch them, write about them, think about them all day if Real Life did not keep intruding.

Anyway, all the above purchases were made for around £20 as it seems that a lot of Michael’s back catalogue is a tad obscure and unbelievably, not much in demand. To be honest, this is one of the reasons why I admire him. Not just for his abilities, but for the fact he seems to actively shy away from movies that are about some handsome leading man, ROTL being the exception.

Not that I am suddenly rolling in cash, far from it, but I have already selected this month’s purchases. Gallowglass and Mary Reilly should be winging their way to me as we speak dear reader, again for no more than £20.

All these DVD’s to watch may prove useful – as the amount of liquid cash I have is extremely limited these days, so I can happily sit and watch these, and hopefully figure out how to cap a DVD that has a menu, in order to plonk these caps onto my forthcoming site.

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