The Watchmen – my review

Went to see this, this weekend.

I have heard complaints that it was slow, which is true to an extent I grant you, but I think this was to try and get over the complex ‘messages’ that Alan Moore always puts into his novels. My only complaint would be that at over 2½ hours, it is a bit of a bum-number. I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Granted it could also be confusing for someone not familiar with the novel, for instance – the government bill banning ‘masks’ is very casually mentioned, but I do believe that you can enjoy it for what it is. Visually, it is splendid. Great use of colours, and I was quietly impressed with the acting.

There is an obvious danger when making a film of something that has such a large and passionate cult following as The Watchmen, is that you are never going to be able to truly please the fanboys (or girls). V for Vendetta I think suffered from the same amount of scrutiny. These kind of films always come under such fire as the fanboys always exclaim ‘this character didnt say that!’ or ‘ his hair is meant to be blond’.

If you want 100% accuracy, stay home and read the book is my response!!

As a fan of the Watchmen, the thing I was most pleased with is that they totally nailed the character Rorschach, who is definitely my favorite. The actor looked so much like the pics in the graphic novel it was spooky. Full marks also goes to Jeffrey Dean Morgan (big daddy Winchester to you Supernatural fans) as he was amazing as the Comedian. Whatta Guy!

Dr Manhattan aside, these are just a group of ordinary men and women with no special abilities that want to fight crime and make the world a better place, which is an admirable sentiment. The point that the film highlights though, is that behind the mask, they are as flawed, as contemptuous, and as misguided as the citizens they swore to protect.

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