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Okay… so I know that I said I would finish my Lucian fanfic before I did this, but I got a bit excited and…

I am now the proud owner of Yeay!

It seemed such a shame that such an amazing actor only had one website that I could find. The existing website is also very badly organized (in my opinion) and infrequently updated.

I have wanted to do a website for sometime now, but have been lacking in inspiration for the actual content. When I spotted that there was an obvious deficiency I resolved to do something about it.

With some much appreciated  technical assistance from the lovely I have made some small progress.

I will endeavour to get my fic finished as soon as – only a few more chapters to go I think – and then I will quite literally, throw myself at the website.

I aim to include a theatre, TV and Filmography, screencap gallery, news and also a fan art section. So all you Michael Sheen fans, get thee to photoshop, and send me any lovely graphics, wallpapers, banners, icons etc that you would like to share with the world. I intend to credit you all of course, with a link back to your LJ accounts (or other if you prefer).


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