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Why Werewolves are more McAWESOME than Vampires

This afternoon, I had an argument on twitter with the fabulous Lou Morgan about which is more awesome – Vampires or Werewolves. She is absolutely lovely, so this was all completely good natured, and not an argument really – more of a discussion. Let me just get this clear right now – NEITHER of us were talking about the sparkly vamps or native shapeshifters from Twilight. We are both true fans of the horror genre, and so if you haplessly stumbled upon this blog and are a fan of that particular Read more […]

Vampires… Have they been de-fanged?

Yes, I know its has been a while. Meh… I figured I would come back eventually when I had something to say. I have something I wanted to get off my chests. There has been a lot of talk recently in the sci fi/fantasy/horror media, that Vampires have wimped out. I think, looking at the evidence, they may be right. When I was young, I eagerly devoured as many horror books as I could get my mits on without the parental units noticing. Back then, the vampire was a thing of horror. They were a veritable Read more […]

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