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Stop pissing on my parade

I used to be fairly active on Twitter but have found I have taken a bit of a step back recently. I realise the thought of Twitter may make some people shudder in horror, but I used to think it was like hanging with a bunch of mates in a bar. You get to listen to all the different conversations going on, partake in some, ignore others – just like it is when you are in a bar with a large crowd. Of late, it has lost some of its attraction, and for two main reasons. The first reason is that there Read more […]

I know I am not perfect but…

… I am so close, it scares me. That was the quote that was on a t-shirt I bought on holiday once when I was a kid.  In truth, I know I am not perfect – but then who is? No one I guess, yet some people, while perhaps acknowledging their own imperfections, seem unwilling to accept that others may be less than perfect. Alexander Pope said ‘To err is human.’ Now, he would probably say ‘it’s human to fuck up’.  I fucked up. How? Well, trusting an ‘ex’ friend would go their own way, allow me to Read more […]

Michael Sheen no longer a twitterer

So, our man Michael Sheen has confirmed that he has left twitter, for the time being at least.  After toying with the idea for sometime, I have taken the decision to remove his twitter feed from the front of my fan site. I must confess, I am devastated at the news but at the same time, appalled at the criticism that he has received on twitter from so called fans. When I started following Michael Sheen on twitter, he had less than 50 followers. At the time, I had been getting increasingly frustrated Read more […]

May the Shinest Sheen win!

And I think… he has! For those wondering what on earth I am wittering on about, there has been an epic battle on Twitter between a Fake Michael Sheen and a Real Michael Sheen. The faker made the mistake of obsessing a little too much about New Moon (the Twilight sequel that Michael will shortly be filming) and this was picked up by the many Twilight blogs out there. News of the twitter account obviously got back to Michael, so our man joined Twitter and graciously offered the Faker a chance Read more […]

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