The Boat That Rocked

It’s official! Bill Nighy is THE coolest man in Britian.

I have just been to see The Boat That Rocked, and it is laugh out loud ’till tears run down your face funny in places. Bill was superb in it, and he oozed cool in that way that he does. I love it when he dances, as he throws shapes that cry out to be frozen into a Warhol picture.

There is a pretender to the throne however. The multi-talented Rhys Ifans stole scenes from the rest of the extremely talented cast as rock god Gavin, and he looked suitably dashing in his fine purple suit. Even the feathers in his hat did not make this man look silly.

I can’t let my post go by with out a nod to Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Nick Frost.

The film made me miss the halcyon days of pirate radio, even though it was all over well before I was born. I think it was the spirit of anti-establishment that pirate radio represented that I miss from modern radio. DJ’s these days are well heeled and over paid, and when you do get one that does something a little reckless, the Big Bad Corporation bows to the pressure of the Daily Mail massive and bans them for 3 months.

I think that Richard Curtis has an uncanny gift and has proven true to form and provided a film that everyone that sees will walk away feeling good, and possibly even a little rebellious. I will confess, that when Iron Maiden came on the radio soon after I got in my car to drive home, I cranked up that baby and wound down the windows…. and I dont even like Iron Maiden! I actually consider them a little bit ‘middle of the road’. Yes kids, I am that edgy, Maiden is middle of the road for me.

In Michael Sheen news, I have found 2 fantastic videos on You Tube that shows the man is not frightened of poking fun at himself, or at least the press’s opinion of him. It is in support of a worthy cause, See Africa Differently, so please take a look at the vidz here and here.

Of course, both are available to watch on my site

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