The Punisher: Warzone

When I first saw the trailer for this, some months ago now, I was quite excited. Ray Stevenson? Check! The Punisher (marvel hero)? Check! How could I lose.

I was slightly apprehensive at first, as the last two film outings of this particular comic book character have not gone terribly well. The Punisher is dark, unremorseful, and headstrong. The other films fell slightly flat unfortunately. This film however, delivers 100%.

Ray Stevenson looks absolutely amazing I must confess. He is head to toe black-ops gear and brooding like there is no tomorrow. A look that I must say, does suit him very well. The Punisher delivers brutal and stylized hyper violence, with some fairly gross special effects. There is the odd bit of very black humor thrown in too, for instance when a mini rocket launcher and a free-runner collide mid air. Talk about overkill!

Another film that stars a extremely macho alpha male hottie – always a winner with me.

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