Lycan Lover

Today, someone called me a Lycan-lover, and I actually think that it is an appropriate phrase.

I have sat on the fence for a while in the Vampires v Werewolves struggle, but vamps have just wimped out too much for me. I like my horror tropes to be horrific.

I think the subtle influence of the furry started with Hugh Jackman in X-Men (2000). Hugh is a great actor, but the part of Wolverine was made for him. The wolfish quality that he brought to the big screen, was undeniably sexy.

Further more, we had the tortured, misunderstood and fierce romanticism of Lucian in Underworld (2003), brilliantly played by Michael Sheen. He has since reprised this role, in the recent Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, which I must say has confirmed me as a Lycan lover.

It was the posting of some screencaps of ROTL and my reaction of ‘bloody chuff!’ that I think elicited the label of Lycan lover. Here is the reason for my exclaimation.

Well, dear reader, I now wear this badge with pride. Lucian, and all the others in the pack, have prompted me to write fan fic again. I am quite excited about it, and it is rattling along nicely.

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