Underworld:Rise of the Lycans

I am sure it would not come as a great suprise to you dear reader, if I said that I loved this film.

I am a big fan of this franchise, and it was great to see the love story of Sonja and Lucian played out in full, which is previously only referenced to in the first Underworld film. The chameleon-like Michael Sheen is excellent, and not a whiff of Tony (Blair), David (Frost) or Kenneth (Williams) to be seen. His leather costumes, piercing eyes and flowing locks do make him very easy on the eye, and his performance as leader of the Lycans is wholly believable.

If you are not a fan of this genre, or this franchise (which has suffered critisicm for having too much style over content, but I still like it) you may not like this film, but you can not deny the slick direction, the amazing sets, beautiful costumes, and special effects. I notice that Ms Mitra’s lips seem to be poutier than ever. It is a shame if she has done this to herself as, IMHO, she has always been a very stunningly beautiful lady. She was the body and face model for the original Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider games many years ago and I fear that she is perhaps feeling the pressure of competing against younger actresses. This is totally unnecessary, as she has proved in this, and in Doomsday last year, that she looks fantastic in a tight outfit. She has just been signed up to do a ‘reboot’ (this means that they re-do the story, discounting all previous versions of the film like they did with Batman Begins and Christian Bale) of Lara Croft and Tomb Raider, which I look forward to immensely.

The ubiquitous Bill Nighy has enjoyed in the last few years, a hugh increase in screen time, which I must say I am loving as I think he is a superb actor. He has been on our TV’s for many years, but really only in the last 10 has he seen commercial success on the big screen. He is inspired casting for the part of Viktor, and exudes exactly the right level of sinister power. This film was directed by Patrick Tatopoulos (Godzilla), where as the last two were directed by Len Wiseman (Mr Kate Beckinsale). Patrick has added a little more colour to the screen, and slightly diluted Len’s blue wash that has become a bit of a signature of the franchise, but retained the look and feel of the two sequels.

I think this film is more evidence too, of the continued British invasion of Hollywood, when the 4 lead members of the cast are of this sceptered isle. I hope they do more, personally. I believe that while the franchise continues to make money it will continue in some form or another. It’s rumoured that they are going to try to bring it onto the small screen. Whether this will include any of the original cast… I doubt it, but we can only hope.

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